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12 Jun 2024
Delta Pulse, Sniffer XR-71 pulse induction metal detector

DIY Pulse Induction Metal Detector NH-173 PRO

Based on the infamous Sniffer XR-71 / Delta Pulse detectors, I have designed a stylish housing with accessories and printed it out on my 3D print farm. Some modifications are planned to the NH-173 PRO with state of the art parts to further increase it’s performance. Custom made coils will be designed by SMT research & development the leading coil manufacturer for medical and military applications.

18 Sep 2023
combine photography with AI

Photography combined with AI

This is my first node workflow for Invoke AI 3.1.1. It was really intimidating but thanks to the video from Invoke AI on workflow fundamentals I wanted to give it a try and it actually makes much fun. I also released a PDF guide on Civitai on how to achieve this with the Unified Canvas but the Node Workflow is so much easier. What does it do? You input a PNG file with a transparent background of a (person, object, […]

10 May 2023
young boy in star wars universe

Easy LyCORIS extraction from Dreambooth

I finally had access to an “NVIDIA RTX 3090 (24GB VRAM)” for my old PC (Intel Core i7-6700K, 32GB RAM) and I started experimenting with training my own Stable Diffusion models and creating LoRAs. I was overwhelmed by what you can do with it! I created a few LoRAs from hand-picked datasets, resizing and cropping the images myself to 1024px and including caption text. The LoRAs worked pretty well, and the creation time on my system was about 15 minutes, […]

26 Dec 2022

Stable Diffusion AI

I’ve only recently gotten into Stable Diffusion AI 1.5 but I’m already overwhelmed by what you can do with it. The possibilities are truly endless. My first creation (left picture) was really bad but after a couple of days and with the right prompts I’ve got better and better (right picture). AI is here to stay and will evolve at a very fast pace. If we don’t adapt we will be left behind pretty quickly. Instead I embrace this technology […]

05 Sep 2022
Pocket 6K Sekonic calibration

Pocket 6K display calibration + Sekonic C-800

Yesterday I found a trick on how to use my old X-Rite i1Display Pro connected to my Mac to measure and adjust the white point of the Pocket 6K / 6K Pro display. Some of the Pocket 6K displays suffered from a blueish screen and Blackmagic Design added adjustment sliders via firmware for eyeballing it. But with a measurement device its way easier. Link to my old blogpost here: Pocket 6K display calibration Today I tried to use my Sekonic […]

04 Sep 2022
blackmagic design pocket 6k display calibration

Blackmagic Pocket 6K display calibration

I found a simple trick on how to calibrate your Blackmagic Design Pocket 6K / 6K Pro display without guessing it by eyes. Since most of us have some sort of calibration device like X-Rite, Calibrite, Spyder, etc. for our editing screens I thought why not using it for my other equipment too. Use your favourite calibration software & hardware and search for the option called “White Point”. Depending on your software it might be in the advanced settings. This […]

27 Feb 2022
Studio VFLAT


I made some sturdy VFLATs for my studio from thick Styrofoam boards and 3d printed parts without using any tape – LOL. They came out great! Here is how I made them. 2x white Styrofoam boards 2000x1000x30mmBlack matte, acrylic water based paintPaint rollerWood screws d=4mm x 40mm3D printed folding screen hinges3D printed corner protectorsPieces of 1.75mm filament as shaft I had to order online some white thick Styrofoam boards 2000x1000x30mm because our home-improvement market has only small pieces for sale. […]

19 Feb 2022
DIY Gobo Projector Godox AD100 Pro

DIY Gobo Projector Godox AD100 Pro

I made an update on how to get better results with the Godox V1 & AD100 Pro using my DIY Gobo projector. The AD200 Pro works perfect because it has a frosted glass front. The V1 & AD100 Pro does not have this. So you need some diffusion inside the gobo projector to illuminate the gobo evenly. You can use translucent foam from packaging or anything that diffuse light. Cut out a circle with 76mm in diameter and use some […]

12 Feb 2022
DIY gel holder

DIY Gel holder Godox AD300Pro

I got me some of these new compact & foldable Godox softboxes AD-S60S, AD-S65W, AD-S85S, etc. for my Godox AD300Pro’s. They work just fine but I wanted to use the magnetic color gels from my AK-R1 kit with them. So I decided to design my own gel holder compatible with the AD300 Pro. I made a couple of prototypes until I came up with this idea. I printed it from black PETG because it needs to be a little bit […]

10 Feb 2022
Profoto D2 color gels

Profoto D1/D2/B1 custom fitting gels

Just found an easy way on how to use gels without using gaffer tape or zip ties for my Profoto flashes. Also without getting in the way of any light modifiers. Keep in mind if you use the modeling lamp on full power (300W) the temperature in front of the frosted glass of the Profoto D2 gets around 160°C and will deform the color gel a little bit. If you turn down the modeling light a tiny bit it should […]

03 Feb 2022


The included honeycomb grid in the Godox AK-R1 Kit was too wide and not working at all for creating a nice spot light. So I made my own 🙂 I designed the DIY grid to be fixed inside the empty ring from the AK-R1 Kit that is used for CTO/CTB gels. The ring has 3 gaps in different depth positions so you can still use a color gel with the DIY grid together. The first prototypes I made on a […]

19 Sep 2021
godox gp-v1 gobo projector

DIY Gobo Projector Godox V1 / AD200

I wanted a small and compact gobo projector for my flashes Godox V1 and AD200 PRO with H200R round head but there was nothing available. So I decided to build it myself. There is also enough space inside the housing to add a gel and diffusion filter from the Godox AK-R1 kit if needed. For previewing and focusing the LED inside the H200R works perfectly because it’s really powerful and centered. The glass element is also already diffused on the […]

12 Aug 2021

Astrophotography with Pocket 6K

The Blackmagic Design Pocket 6K camera is so versatile. Lately I used it to take high resolution clips of the moon for stock agencies. I wanted to push it a little bit further to see if I can capture something like Jupiter and Saturn. Spoiler alert, yes it works but you need some preparation and some understanding of image stacking for such distant objects. Basically you record short video clips of your planets and convert the video clip to TIFF […]

31 Jul 2021
Minelab GP-Extreme

Minelab GP-Extreme Battery Mod

I took out my old Minelab GP Extreme from the year 2000 to give it a try in the forest. But soon I realized how cumbersome and heavy that lead acid battery strapped to your hip was. The GP Extreme is still a pretty good detector but the battery system is not comfortable at all. Btw. all files for 3d printing etc. can be found at the bottom of this post, just scroll down. I begun to think which batteries […]

07 Apr 2021
Zodiac Nozzle

Sparks N’Flames

I got my new Kickstarter Zodiac Nozzles and couldn’t resist. I had to take some wicked photos before using them in my 3d printer. Since I was too lazy to go into my photostudio I did it on my home office desk with things I had lying around. And actually I first wanted to try out some ideas that I had in mind with sparks, flames and smoke before building a full lighting setup in my studio. But the photos […]

31 Mar 2021
moon with 3d printed telescope adapter

3d printed telescope adapter

Some days ago I got a couple of old IDS UI-3251LE-C-HQ / UI-3581LE-C-HQ industrial CMOS modules as a gift to play with. I immediately had the idea to connect them somehow to my Celestron NexStar 6SE telescope to capture the moon. These camera modules have a small S-Mount lensholder (M12x0.5mm) that I removed completely (and also the internal IR blocking filter) and replaced it with my own lensholder design. I’ve printed it on my trusty Prusa MK3. The first prototype […]

08 Mar 2021
reverse macro lens

Reverse lens macro technique

Need extreme close-up shots of tiny objects in your video? You’re on a budget and don’t have these fancy extreme macro lenses? Use the technique called “reverse lens macro”. It’s well known in the macro photography world but surprisingly unknown in videography. Simply put, you take a wide angle lens, in example an old 28mm and mount it in reverse via a macro coupler ring adapter to your camera. That’s all there is to it. The wider your lens is, […]

04 Mar 2021
macro fly microscope lens

Microscope lenses on Pocket 6K

I was having fun lately with some normal macro photography and was curious if I somehow can use my fathers microscope lenses on my photo and film cameras. The idea is not new, a quick google search showed that it was indeed possible but you need a special adapter for these microscope lenses. The adapter is called “RMS to M42” and it is available from china on aliexpress. I didn’t want to wait 4 weeks for the metal adapter to […]

22 Feb 2021
Trianglelab tv-6 plated copper nozzle

3D Printer Nozzle tips

I’ve ordered different V6 nozzles for my original Prusa MK3 and wanted to take extreme close-up shots of the nozzle tips to see what they look like. Here they are – enjoy!

17 Jan 2021
silicone bed level mod prusa mk3

Silicone Bed Level Mod Prusa MK3

On my original Prusa MK3 (assembled by Prusa) I had a bed variance of 0.6mm across the whole bed. The afterwards integrated 7×7 mesh bed leveling did work but for my work I always found that the bed needs to be as flat as possible in the beginning. Agreed you won’t notice it on smaller parts but when printing bigger functional parts across the whole surface and need the bottom of the parts to be as flat as possible i.e. […]

16 Jan 2021
sorbothane hemisphere

Sorbothane feet for 3D Printer

I always wanted to do this mod using sorbothane feet on my Prusa MK3 but I didn’t found them here in europe – until now 🙂 After searching the obvious sources like amazon, ebay, etc. I couldn’t find them in the correct diameter or hardness and for a reasonable price. But I finally found a reseller in the UK that sells them for EUR 3,23 / pcs. Sorbothane Hemispheres 0510116-50-10 with self adhesive (Diameter 1 Inch, Height 0.5 Inch, Duro […]

12 Jan 2021
brittle pa-cf parts

Properly hydrate Nylon/PA-CF parts

In some cases you have to hydrate your Nylon PA-CF 3D printed parts or they will be too brittle and break upon assembly. Big companies like Molex are doing the same with their nylon electronic connector parts. They moisturize them to avoid breakage. Also since it is inevitable that the nylon part will absorb moisture over time and that changes in dimensions and physical properties will occur, it is frequently desirable to actively moisturize them so that these changes occur […]

09 Jan 2021
esun pa-cf mk3 extruder part

My recipe for 3D printing with eSUN PA-CF

I am by no means an expert in printing with nylon filaments but I gathered as much information as possible from various forums, facebook groups, instagram etc. where people posted photos of amazing high quality prints with carbon nylon filament. To tell you right away: you have to dry your nylon filament first, no matter if it’s fresh out of a vaccum bag – it’s just a waste of time and material. Of course I didn’t believe it myself until […]

07 Jan 2021

E3D Nozzle-X temperature difference

I just swapped my original E3D brass nozzle on my Prusa MK3 with a E3D Nozzle-X 0.4mm to be able to print abrasive filament. And yes it’s a pain in the ass changing Nozzle’s on that E3D V6 Hot End but with this Z-Catch Nozzle removal tool it was surprisingly easy. Since the Nozzle-X is hardened steel everyone said I have to increase the temperature by 5°C – 15°C because of the different thermal conductivity. I wanted to know how […]

11 Aug 2020
VR PDW/RIFLE with interchangeable magnetic holder for Oculus Rift-S / Quest

Oculus Gunstock PDW VR

I’ve finished designing my own VR Gunstock PDW / RIFLE MK4 for Oculus Rift-S and QUEST. You can buy the STL files from the link below if you want to 3d print your own VR Rifle. Buy from here: PDW VR 217-MK4 For a more realistic look I’ve added a couple of details like picatinny rails on the top and both sides. At the bottom there are 3 holes to add a sling. You can use whichever suits you better. […]