DIY Gobo Projector Godox AD100 Pro

DIY Gobo Projector Godox AD100 Pro

I made an update on how to get better results with the Godox V1 & AD100 Pro using my DIY Gobo projector. The AD200 Pro works perfect because it has a frosted glass front. The V1 & AD100 Pro does not have this. So you need some diffusion inside the gobo projector to illuminate the gobo evenly. You can use translucent foam from packaging or anything that diffuse light. Cut out a circle with 76mm in diameter and use some double sided tape to fix it inside the gobo projector. Be aware and avoid covering the upper and lower venting slots in the gobo projector – use a thin diffusion material.

Read my full article on how to build your own gobo projector here:

Godox AD100 Pro with my DIY Gobo Projector
cut a 76mm circle in diameter
translucent foam from packaging
behind the scenes
creating a sunrise effect using window blinds gobo

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