14 Apr 2020

BMPCC 4K / 6K Sun Hood

Sun Hood and Viewfinder for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K & 6K I’ve made two versions of the Sun Hood. Both designs use a hinge to tilt up the Sun Hood and easily access the touch screen of the camera. -80mm Mini Sun Hood-195mm viewfinder adapter (with black cardboard) superb for bright sunlight The 80mm Mini Sun Hood can be 3D printed as it is. Use a M3 x 20mm screw and a M3 Nyloc nut to fix the hinge […]

27 Feb 2020

HoloBoxV2 for Smartphones

I’ve designed my own vertical Holobox for Smartphones, based on Pepper’s ghost illusion technique. Superb for advertising stuff! Slide in the acrylic glass sheet and put your smartphone on the top. Pictures, Animations, Videos etc. that are on black background work best. On your smartphone turn “off” automatic brightness and move the slider to maximum brightness. This version is for vertical product presentation that means your videos need to be vertical i.e. 1080px * 1920px. Best suited for long objects. […]

13 Jan 2020

AirManagerV2 for 3D Printing enclosure

After I saw the video from Zortrax about their HEPA Cover Filtering Device (watch video below) I think “for me” a HEPA and active carbon filter is plenty sufficient for keeping the air clean in my 3d printing enclosure. Certainly better than nothing. But I’ve designed it with a radial blower and in such a way that the air is recirculated inside the enclosure to avoid a draft. This is the second version of my design. The first used a […]

01 Jun 2019
deflector bracked 3d printed

DIY Elinchrom Rotalux deflector bracket for GODOX AD400PRO

I’ve bought the amazing GODOX AD400PRO with Elinchrom mount. But I soon realized, that I cannot use my Elinchrom deflectors anymore. The AD400PRO is missing the mounting hole. I’ve designed and 3d printed brackets on my Prusa i3 MK3 from white PETG that work really well holding the deflector in place. Although I made it possible to mount the deflector on different distances, the lighting characteristics are still not 100% the same because the Elinchrom flashtube is more recessed than […]

10 Dec 2018
cookie cutter

3D printed nasty christmas cookie cutters

I’ve designed and 3d printed some funny & nasty christmas cookie cutters on my Prusa i3 MK3. Great as a surprise gift for Christmas 🙂 or maybe not? Who cares? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Naughty…oh behave!Have a wonderful Christmas 😉 You can download the 100mm version from Cults3D: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/naughties/sex-positions-naughty-christmas-4-piece-cookie-cutter-kit Print Settings:Prusament PLA 0.2mm SPEED PresetPrinter: Prusa i3 MK3Filament: PLALayer Height: 0.2mmInfill: 20%Supports: NoRaft: NoNozzle: 0,4mm Prusa Slicer Info: With 0,2mm layer height if thin wall detection is ON the walls will […]

07 Nov 2018

Perfect 3D printer enclosure for PRUSA i3 MK3

I’ve found the perfect enclosure for my Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer (no modification needed!). It’s a cheap server wall mount cabinet for only 79,- EUR. You can find it on ebay or in different computer online shops. It has 4 mm safety glass and powder coated sheet metal walls. The roof and bottom have cable entries and the roof is also prepared for mounting 2 x single fans. That may come in handy if you want to build a […]

29 May 2018

CoinPhotoBox v2.0 Prototype for Smartphones

Finished today my new CoinPhotoBox v2.0 prototype for smartphones. Now with illuminated removable rulers! No postproduction needed. Place your smartphone on top and shoot. I wanted a simple way of taking good quality pictures of my treasure hunting finds without fiddling around with lighting setups. Therefore I had this idea by using a smartphone and a fixed lighting setup. I’ve built different boxes out of cardboard last year. It worked pretty well but I wanted something more sexy 🙂 and […]

23 Jan 2018

Custom Foam Insert Canon C200 + Accessories

I’ve designed my own custom foam insert in AutoCad for my Canon C200 + Accessories. I precisely measured every part to fit nice and smoothly into the insert. The foam was sandwiched together and I also let them add a white sheet in between to make it look more sexy! The case type is a Pelican 1610. Thomas from “www.schaumstoff-inlay.de” based in germany is cutting the custom foam inserts on his CNC-Machine for me. If you have problems creating a […]

15 Nov 2017

Arduino – diy 4 axis motion controller

Arduino based 4 axis Motion Controller My diy T400 Motion Controller by Cyberdyne Systems 🙂 All in One – Focusmotor/Miniturntable/Pan&Tilt Module I’ve added an auxiliary lemo port to the old edelkrone motion & target module. This allows me to control motion module and target head together with other axes through ARC motion control software from Dragonframe.

27 Apr 2017

A creative way to use Edelkrone equipment

Here is how I use the old Edelkrone equipment in a creative way. I use a small magic arm and attach it to the edelkrone target head. The target head is used as a tilted turntable. This way you can create the flying coin effect. It just depends how you position the arm and the coin in front of the camera. I’ve also built a system for turning watches and different kinds of jewelry. See picture at the bottom.   […]

19 Jan 2017

360 Stabilizer – Kraken36 v1.1 Adapter for DJI Osmo Mobile

Finished Kraken36 v1.1 Adapter for Samsung Gear 360 + DJI Osmo Mobile. UPDATE: Wanna shoot super smooth 360 VR videos with your Samsung Gear 360 & DJI Osmo Mobile? I decided to sell my blueprints to DIY people who want to build their own Kraken36 adapter. Contact me via E-Mail.

16 Dec 2016

360 Stabilizer – DJI Osmo Mobile Prototype Adapter for 360

Here is my finished 360 Stabilizer – DJI Osmo Mobile prototype adapter “Kraken36v1” for the Samsung Gear 360. I’ve made it from plywood and used screws + nuts as counterweights. UPDATE: Wanna shoot super smooth 360 VR videos with your Samsung Gear 360 & DJI Osmo Mobile? I decided to sell my blueprints to DIY people who want to build their own Kraken36 adapter. Contact me via E-Mail.

07 Dec 2016

360 Stabilizer = DJI Osmo Mobile + Samsung Gear 360

I’ve succeeded to built my own special adapter for the DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal. It was a lil bit tricky because the Osmo Mobile motors are weak. But I did it and now I can shoot gimbal stabilized footage with the Samsung Gear 360 camera. The test footage was only stabilized with the Osmo Mobile – no post stabilization was used! UPDATE: Wanna shoot super smooth 360 VR videos with your Samsung Gear 360 & DJI Osmo Mobile? I decided […]

21 Jun 2015

Finished hardcase with custom foam inserts

From the AutoCad drawing to the finished product. Everything looks and fits perfectly. This is how my finished knockoff Pelicase with the custom foam inserts for my edelkrone video equipment looks like in reality. Thomas Forster from “www.schaumstoff-inlay.de” did a great job on the cnc cutting. UPDATE: Want a sexy looking foam insert for your edelkrone equipment too? I decided to sell my blueprints to DIY people. Contact me vie E-Mail or buy directly from here: Cults3D (Product shots & […]

07 Jun 2015

Custom foam Inserts for my edelkrone equipment

Today I’ve designed my own custom foam inserts in AutoCad for my cheap knockoff Pelicase. Now my edelkrone equipment is safe and it looks more impressive when carried around. The knockoff hardcase is actually a gun case I’ve bought for EUR 95,- from ebay. The external dimensions are 1140x420x150mm. Here’s the link to the gun case: “Wasserdichter Kunststoff Waffenkoffer” Thomas from “www.schaumstoff-inlay.de” based in germany is cutting the custom foam inserts on his CNC-Machine for me. If you have problems […]

15 May 2015

Pizza cardboard viewfinder for BMCC / BMPC4K

Yesterday we shot outside in sunny daylight with the BMPC4K and of course I couldn’t see anything on the touchscreen. (And we had no SDI viewfinder). Therefore I’ve quickly built a super duper viewfinder from a pizza cardboard. It looks really shitty but it works great! It is collapsible and has also a Swing-Away technology to easily access the touch screen 🙂 Heres the link to my PDF tutorial and DXF file if you want to build one too: bmpc4k_viewfinder

02 Oct 2014

Sony Cyber-shot F828 IR Magnet Hack in 2 seconds!

I needed this camera today with IR mode on full manual control but it was of course locked by firmware in Auto-Mode when switched to Nightshot. Aaarrrgh! After thinking about how the internal mechanism could work I’ve opened it and found out how to easily move the IR-Cut filter from a Sony Cyber-shot F828 and still have full manual control. A tiny electromagnet inside the camera controls the IR Cut filter when switching to Nightshot mode. I’ve marked the position […]

05 Feb 2014

Built myself some professional DIY KinoFlo’s

In the last few days I’ve built myself a couple of 4ft 4Bank professional DIY KinoFlo’s for an upcoming shoot. I improved the original design by integrating the fixture inside an ultralight Flightcase. This makes them very portable and no bags are needed anymore. Here are a couple of snapshots I took with my phone. It took me almost 2 weeks of research and development to find the right parts (Flightcase material, tubes, flicker free ballasts same as in original […]

02 Dec 2013

Motion Controlled Dolly + CODE

I’ve got a couple of requests to upload the Arduino Code for my Motion Controlled Dolly again. Since I’ve updated my homepage, some of the old Blog links and resources do not work anymore. Therefore I repost the whole thing again. Here is the final code for my Motion Controlled Dolly (based on Arduino and Easydriver) with super smooth acceleration and deceleration ramp. You can download it here: Arduino Sketch ver.03 (The Accel-Stepper library v1.5 from Mike McCauley is included) […]