DIY Elinchrom Rotalux deflector bracket for GODOX AD400PRO

deflector bracked 3d printed
3D printed deflector holder for GODOX AD400PRO

I’ve bought the amazing GODOX AD400PRO with Elinchrom mount. But I soon realized, that I cannot use my Elinchrom deflectors anymore. The AD400PRO is missing the mounting hole. I’ve designed and 3d printed brackets on my Prusa i3 MK3 from white PETG that work really well holding the deflector in place.

3d printed brackets
3d printed PETG deflector bracket

Although I made it possible to mount the deflector on different distances, the lighting characteristics are still not 100% the same because the Elinchrom flashtube is more recessed than the GODOX. I’ve tried to mount the deflector in normal orientation (concave side facing flashtube) and reversed (convex side facing flashtube). I prefer normal orientation and the deflector on position 3 with the GODOX AD400PRO. To get the same characteristics as with the D-Lite RX4 I think the deflector needs to be bigger and further away from the GODOX AD400PRO flashtube.

elinchrom rotalux dlite rx4
Elinchrom D-Lite RX4 + Rotalux Octabox 135cm with Silver deflector normal & reversed orientation
deflector bracked 3d printed
3d printed deflector bracket for Elinchrom speedring
deflector bracket 3d printed
Elinchrom deflector mounted on position 3 in normal orientation
elinchrom deflector bracket
Elinchrom Rotalux Octabox 135cm with silver deflector & GODOX AD400PRO
Godox AD400PRO tests
GODOX AD400PRO with Elinchrom silver deflector in normal & reversed orientation

You can download my STL file from Thingiverse or Prusaprinters database for free:

Print Settings:

Printer: Prusa i3 MK3
Filament: white Prusa PETG
Layer Height: 0.2mm
Infill: 20%
Supports: No
Raft: No
Nozzle: 0,4mm

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