HoloBoxV2 for Smartphones

Vertical Holographic Box for Smartphones

I’ve designed my own vertical Holobox for Smartphones, based on Pepper’s ghost illusion technique. Superb for advertising stuff! Slide in the acrylic glass sheet and put your smartphone on the top.

Pictures, Animations, Videos etc. that are on black background work best. On your smartphone turn “off” automatic brightness and move the slider to maximum brightness. This version is for vertical product presentation that means your videos need to be vertical i.e. 1080px * 1920px. Best suited for long objects.

3D Printed HoloBoxV1 with 0.1mm transparent film for laser printers

For best results you will need a special holographic reflective film. It is attached with water and dish soap to a piece of acrylic glass. With this foil you will get the best results because it also diminishes the double reflection caused by the 2mm thick acrylic glass. The foil looks like a one-way mirror foil but not too reflective. I couldn’t find it on aliexpress but I ordered directly from here:


Special reflective holo film from defi-tech.com

If you know of any alternatives please let me know.

0.1mm transparent film for laser printers

You can also use only the acrylic glass but you will get a visible double reflection on your projection. What works good too but only in a dark environment is a piece of a DIN A4 transparent film for laser printers. These foils are only 0.1 mm thick and avoid the double reflection. In daylight the projection is pale and lacks contrast because they are missing the reflective coating. If you have any idea on different foils that might also work let me know.

Size of the Acrylic glass sheet is 153mm x 71mm x 2mm

HoloBoxV2 with special reflective film on acrylic glass

Check out the video to see how it looks like. First clip with the green pcb was made with the special reflective film. The second clip was only with a piece of transparent film for laser printers in a dark environment.

Download my STLs for free from here. Happy 3D Printing:

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