Sorbothane feet for 3D Printer

sorbothane hemisphere
sorbothane visco-elastic polymer anti-vibration hemisphere

I always wanted to do this mod using sorbothane feet on my Prusa MK3 but I didn’t found them here in europe – until now 🙂

After searching the obvious sources like amazon, ebay, etc. I couldn’t find them in the correct diameter or hardness and for a reasonable price. But I finally found a reseller in the UK that sells them for EUR 3,23 / pcs.

Sorbothane Hemispheres 0510116-50-10 with self adhesive (Diameter 1 Inch, Height 0.5 Inch, Duro 50, Rated load 2-4 lbs per hemisphere)

sorbothane hemisphere 0510116-50-10 with self adhesive

Their catalog as PDF: https://www.gelmec.co.uk/datasheets/sorbothane-spg.pdf

For my original Prusa MK3 I needed the following parts to do the mod:

6x Sorbothane hemisphere (part 0510116-50-10 – 1″ diameter, 50 duro)
6x Rigid feet for MK3 (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3082188) or these one here: (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3496474)
6x T-Nuts, screws, washers, nuts

I didn’t had any metal t-nuts so I had to print my own from PETG and needed smaller screws. Just use what you have.

printed t-nuts from petg

Install the rigid feet on your 3d printer and wipe them off with isopropyl alcohol. Now attach the sorbothane feet with their self adhesive to the feet. Check the picture below for the correct location. For the MK3 I use 6 feet because that is the correct weight distribution when using 6x sorbothane feet with 50 duro.

installed 6x rigid feet for sorbothane hemispheres
sorbothane hemisphere 0510116-50-10 with self adhesive – 50 duro
sorbothane hemisphere 0510116-50-10 with self adhesive – 50 duro

Very good read:

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