CoinPhotoBox v2.0 Prototype for Smartphones

Finished today my new CoinPhotoBox v2.0 prototype for smartphones. Now with illuminated removable rulers! No postproduction needed. Place your smartphone on top and shoot.

I wanted a simple way of taking good quality pictures of my treasure hunting finds without fiddling around with lighting setups. Therefore I had this idea by using a smartphone and a fixed lighting setup. I’ve built different boxes out of cardboard last year. It worked pretty well but I wanted something more sexy 🙂 and durable. After a 8 revisions I finally made v2.0. It has now illuminated removable rulers for objects bigger than 30mm in diameter. You don’t need any postproduction. The background around the coin is automatically pitch black. Use a flashlight in front of the box. Set your smartphone to take 1:1 square photos and zoom on the object. Take a picture and voila! The perfect shot in a couple of seconds!

Here are some samples taken directly with an old iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S7 (without any postproduction).

For bigger objects (+30mm) the illuminated rulers are now removable. The rulers needs some cleaning before shooting. They’re made of acrylic plastic and they easily attract dust.

Happy treasure hunting!

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