Motion Controlled Dolly + CODE

I’ve got a couple of requests to upload the Arduino Code for my Motion Controlled Dolly again. Since I’ve updated my homepage, some of the old Blog links and resources do not work anymore. Therefore I repost the whole thing again.

Here is the final code for my Motion Controlled Dolly (based on Arduino and Easydriver) with super smooth acceleration and deceleration ramp.

You can download it here: Arduino Sketch ver.03
(The Accel-Stepper library v1.5 from Mike McCauley is included)
A big thank you goes to the programmer Brian Schmalz from www.schmalzhaus.com

The motor I’ve used is a hybrid stepper motor from Trinamic that is optimized for micro stepping. QSH4218-51-049 (I’ve got it from www.reichelt.de for EUR 29,- )

As for the construction plans Im afraid I don’t have them anymore. But you can find the original plans one some forums if you search for „dolly skater“. I’ve cnc-milled the body and wheel cages from thick plywood to allow mounting of heavy 35mm rigs.

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