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05 Sep 2022
Pocket 6K Sekonic calibration

Pocket 6K display calibration + Sekonic C-800

Yesterday I found a trick on how to use my old X-Rite i1Display Pro connected to my Mac to measure and adjust the white point of the Pocket 6K / 6K Pro display. Some of the Pocket 6K displays suffered from a blueish screen and Blackmagic Design added adjustment sliders via firmware for eyeballing it. But with a measurement device its way easier. Link to my old blogpost here: Pocket 6K display calibration Today I tried to use my Sekonic […]

04 Sep 2022
blackmagic design pocket 6k display calibration

Blackmagic Pocket 6K display calibration

I found a simple trick on how to calibrate your Blackmagic Design Pocket 6K / 6K Pro display without guessing it by eyes. Since most of us have some sort of calibration device like X-Rite, Calibrite, Spyder, etc. for our editing screens I thought why not using it for my other equipment too. Use your favourite calibration software & hardware and search for the option called “White Point”. Depending on your software it might be in the advanced settings. This […]

12 Aug 2021

Astrophotography with Pocket 6K

The Blackmagic Design Pocket 6K camera is so versatile. Lately I used it to take high resolution clips of the moon for stock agencies. I wanted to push it a little bit further to see if I can capture something like Jupiter and Saturn. Spoiler alert, yes it works but you need some preparation and some understanding of image stacking for such distant objects. Basically you record short video clips of your planets and convert the video clip to TIFF […]