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05 Sep 2022
Pocket 6K Sekonic calibration

Pocket 6K display calibration + Sekonic C-800

Yesterday I found a trick on how to use my old X-Rite i1Display Pro connected to my Mac to measure and adjust the white point of the Pocket 6K / 6K Pro display. Some of the Pocket 6K displays suffered from a blueish screen and Blackmagic Design added adjustment sliders via firmware for eyeballing it. But with a measurement device its way easier. Link to my old blogpost here: Pocket 6K display calibration Today I tried to use my Sekonic […]

04 Sep 2022
blackmagic design pocket 6k display calibration

Blackmagic Pocket 6K display calibration

I found a simple trick on how to calibrate your Blackmagic Design Pocket 6K / 6K Pro display without guessing it by eyes. Since most of us have some sort of calibration device like X-Rite, Calibrite, Spyder, etc. for our editing screens I thought why not using it for my other equipment too. Use your favourite calibration software & hardware and search for the option called “White Point”. Depending on your software it might be in the advanced settings. This […]