Removing 100s of Hot Pixels at once


How to remove 100s of hot pixels at once from DSLR or any other footage!
This method works best if the hot pixels are only 1pixel wide and 1 pixel tall. Should work with any software that supports an Alpha or Luma Matte. Remove the bigger ones with the "CC Simple Wire Removal" from After Effects.

It's a pretty simple method you just use the adjacent pixels from the same clip but shifted by 1 pixel. The same procedure is done when a sensor is pixel mapped but here we do it in software.

  1. Open a still frame in Photoshop that contains the hot pixels.
  2. On a new layer paint with the pencil tool (Hardness 100% / Size 1 Pixel) over the hot pixels. Zoom in to catch 'em all. Paint only over the brightest part.
  3. Delete the still frame layer. Save the Pixelmap as a new file. The mapped pixels should be white and the background black.
  4. In After Effects put the Pixelmap on Layer 1 and the footage containing the hot pixels on Layer 2. Duplicate the hot pixel footage to create Layer 3. Create a Luma Matte for Layer 2 and select the Pixelmap. Move Layer 2 by 1 Pixel to the right. Thats it!

You can use the Pixelmap on all your clips if they're stuck always on the same position. This method should work with DaVinci Resolve too because it supports alpha channels and external mattes. Though I didn't tested it myself yet.

It's time to Upgrade!


I’ve finally upgraded to CS5.5 Master Collection. About time too! These floppy discs are getting old :-)
Be sure to benefit from the Adobe Grace Period! If you upgrade to or purchase CS5.5 today, you’ll be paying the current price, plus you’ll get CS6 at no additional cost.