Afternoon Session with Mark T. in Downtown LL

I’ve met Mark in Downtown LL and talked a lot about the good ol’ days in school. We walked to the city center where we had some coffee. After our conversation, I asked if I could take a couple of photographs. He was more than happy to pose for a couple of shots.

Mark is a very talented musician.
Checkout his myspace site:


Noise test with 1/3 ISO settings on Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III & 1D Mark IV

Do you use 1/3 ISO settings on your Canon EOS body? On the new 1D Mark IV you should because that means less noise!

After reading this very informative article at Northlight Images I took myself some shots with incremental ISO settings with the Canon 1Ds Mark III & 1D Mark IV side by side. The camera was set to manual, with a lens cap on and the viewfinder shutter closed...