How to correctly calibrate your iMac


Older iMacs built before 2011 were complicated to calibrate but things have improved since then. Newer iMacs 2011/2012/2013 uses the best IPS technology and are amazing, once calibrated. But for best results you have to use the correct colorimeter and software.

I can highly recommend the i1 Display Pro from X-Rite. It comes with it‘s own software but if you want best results you should consider buying basICColor display 5. This software is really worth the extra money. If you want to save a couple of bucks basICColor offers a bundle for display 5 with 1 or 3 licenses plus the colorimeter named SQUID3. Basically it‘s the same colorimeter but...

>>> UPDATE <<<

If you want to know what display is built inside your iMac, MacBook Pro, ... open the terminal and enter this command: Read More...