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5D Mark III footage now with metadata


I’ve just found out that the Canon 5D Mark III includes all „shooting information / metadata“ into the MOV file when you shoot footage. Everything is there Firmware, Shutterspeed, Aperture, ISO, Lens, Focal length, Picture Style with details, Codec, Camera body number, etc. - wow! In previous Canon EOS bodies the metadata was saved only in RAW stills but not in footage clips.

Though, I could only make it visible with Canon Digital Photo Professional (this data didn’t showed up in Adobe Bridge or Premiere CS6). In Canon DPP right click on the MOV file, select „Info“ and go to the „Shooting Information“ tab. There you have it. I’ve tried it with MOV files from older Canon EOS bodies but the Shooting Information tab was empty.

For some of us this info is invaluable if you need to know which camera bodies were used during the shoot or what the exact settings were.