360 Stabilizer - Kraken36 v1.1 Adapter for DJI Osmo Mobile

kraken36v11_2_web edge

kraken36v11_web edge

Finished Kraken36 v1.1 Adapter for Samsung Gear 360 + DJI Osmo Mobile.

360 Stabilizer - DJI Osmo Mobile Prototype Adapter for 360

kraken36v1_web edge

Here is my finished 360 Stabilizer - DJI Osmo Mobile prototype adapter "Kraken36v1" for the Samsung Gear 360. I've made it from plywood and used screws + nuts as counterweights.

360 Stabilizer = DJI Osmo Mobile + Samsung Gear 360

osmo_mobile_360_test edge

osmo_mobile_360_little_planet edge

I’ve succeeded to built my own special adapter for the DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal. It was a lil bit tricky because the Osmo Mobile motors are weak. But I did it and now I can shoot gimbal stabilized footage with the Samsung Gear 360 camera. The test footage was only stabilized with the Osmo Mobile - no post stabilization was used!

Time for a new workstation

workstation edge

Yay! My ordered parts arrived yesterday and I've finally built a new Windows workstation. I do really like the C70 Vengeance case with it's built in cable management. Makes everything look tidy. As for the GPU I decided to go with the water-cooled MSI Sea Hawk X GTX1080. Should be really enough for my needs in Adobe & DaVinci Resolve. Here are a couple of pics.

workstation edge

workstation edge

Shooting on Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K

reenactment_002 edge

reenactment_005 edge

I had so much fun with Frank Glencairn, Ci Rec and the Reenactment crew. We shot the first 10 pages of “The Easy One” on the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K.

Photoshop Live Curves understanding LUTs

lut_live_curves edge

Want to see what LUTs are doing to your footage in terms of curves? Los Angeles-based photographer and retoucher Edmon Amiraghyan has created a special PSD file called Live Curves. It’s simply a Document window that contains a Curves view of the document that updates in real time.

Usually used by photographers you can use it to understand how to get that "LUT" look yourself by using curves in DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Photoshop, etc.

Just open the Live_Curves.PSD file in Photoshop and add the adjustment layer "Color Lookup". In the properties of Color Lookup load your 3DLUT File and watch what happens to the curves. Get the PSD file from Petapixel.

Product video Gold Well 6x36" Vortex Drop Riffle Sluice Box


Finished product video of the Gold Well 6x36" Vortex Drop Riffle Sluice Box.
If you don't know what this is, just visit Bernie Makowski's homepage: www.hmresearch.net

BTS Having fun in the studio


Self assignment - product video shoot of a vortex drop riffle sluice box with edelkrone slider and Black Magic Production Camera 4K. Got my ordered Gold Well 6x36 Sluice from Bernie with extras and was so excited that I shot a little video in my studio until I can go out and test it at the creek (freezing cold outside). Superb workmanship - this thing is built like a tank but still lightweight enough to carry it around.

Music Video - Treffer Versenkt


iTunes: tinyurl.com/trefferversenkt
Spotify: tinyurl.com/trefferversenktspotify

The talented and versatile singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ, Mark Tarmonea, has gained widespread recognition for his first single “So Berlin” (Tonspiel/Warner), that reached the club charts in no time. From this point on he was held in high regard by many club DJs and also played by well-known artists like “Robin Schulz”.

BTS of "Treffer versenkt"


BTS from the music video production "Treffer versenkt".

“Treffer versenkt” is the name of the new single by Mark Tarmonea. This vibrant electro-song about a recent love has been already remixed by renowned DJs such as Sascha Kloeber and Hagen Stoklossa. “Treffer versenkt” reflects the modern zeitgeist and is the perfect example for a credible german deep-house release.

Inside Hard Disk Drive Stock Footage Screener


Sequence stock footage clips of the inside of a modern computer hard disk drive with moving actuator arm reading and writing data from the platters / HD Stock Footage Screener
Footage copyright Daniel Schweinert. For licensing please contact me.

More clips on request or here: Pond5

Music Are You H.u.m.a.n - (Skrillex Style Dubstep)
Publisher Dynamic Audio
Composer Justin Crosby
Licensee Daniel Schweinert

My Showreel for 2015


SCHWEINERT.COM Showreel 2015

Music Muzik Machine by mellowstu (Pond5.com)
Publisher Jive Ass Sleepers
Composer Stuart Moore
Licensee Daniel Schweinert

My new business cards arrived!


My new business cards arrived and of course I had to shoot them :-)
Designed with passion by Diana Schweinert from Design Journey.

Quick Lighting + Motion Control Test


Did some quick lighting & motion control tests with my DIY KinoFlo's and edelkrone equipment to see how it performs on product close ups. The PC is just a placeholder therefore I didn't cleaned it and it's of course full of scratches.

Finished hardcase with custom foam inserts


From the AutoCad drawing to the finished product. Everything looks and fits perfectly. This is how my finished knockoff Pelicase with the custom foam inserts for my edelkrone video equipment looks like in reality. Thomas Forster from "www.schaumstoff-inlay.de" did a great job on the cnc cutting.

(Product shots & Design by Daniel Schweinert ©2015 SCHWEINERT.COM)


Custom foam Inserts for my edelkrone equipment


Today I've designed my own custom foam inserts in AutoCad for my cheap knockoff Pelicase. Now my edelkrone equipment is safe and it looks more impressive when carried around. The knockoff hardcase is actually a gun case I've bought for EUR 95,- from ebay. The external dimensions are 1140x420x150mm. Here's the link to the gun case: "Wasserdichter Kunststoff Waffenkoffer"

Thomas from "www.schaumstoff-inlay.de" based in germany is cutting the custom foam inserts on his CNC-Machine for me. If you have problems creating a technical drawing, he can also do the design as well. Ask him for a quote he has very reasonable prices and I can really recommend him!

Fixed Point Shooting with edelkrone equipment


I’ve bought an edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO XLarge with Action and Target module for my BMPC4K. I’m really happy because this compact and cleverly designed system allows me to create some very nice motion controlled shots. With the target module it also does fixed point shooting and much more. Though in "Target Mode" the footage needs some post stabilisation to get 100% jitter free macro shots. You can see some tests on my youtube channel:

Edelkrone Target Module Jitter Problem (Test 1)
Edelkrone Target Module as Turntable (Test 2)
Edelkrone Target Module Jitter Problem (Test 3) AUTO PAN MODE vs. TARGET MODE

For licensing inquiries please contact me through email or visit my Pond5 portfolio at "danielschweinert"

Pizza cardboard viewfinder for BMCC / BMPC4K


Yesterday we shot outside in sunny daylight with the BMPC4K and of course I couldn’t see anything on the touchscreen. (And no there was no budget for a SDI viewfinder). Therefore I’ve quickly built a super duper viewfinder from a pizza cardboard. It looks really shitty but it works great! It is collapsible and has also a Swing-Away technology to easily access the touch screen :-)

Heres the link to my PDF tutorial and DXF file if you want to build one too:
PDF BMCC / BMPC4K pizza cardboard viewfinder
CAD DXF file